About us

About the Organisation

Area of Operation

MIIT is working in Patna, Madhubani, Darbhanga, Nalanda, Aurangabad, Rohtas, Madhepura, Nalanda, Kishanganj District of Bihar.

Target Group

Women particularly poor, challenged and disadvantaged women ,Children, Child labour, disadvantage children, challenged children, Adolescent, Farmers, Persons with Disability, Youths, Scheduled Caste, Backward Caste, & Weaker Section of Society.

The Mission

  • To organize, aware, educate the community for initiating social action.
  • To develop sustainable health care system.
  • Empowerment of women and bringing gender equity in rural society.
  • Economic development and creating sustainable opportunity to weaker section.
  • Provide IT education to the Students, youths, women and interested persons.
  • To Create Awareness in the social life to establish exploitation less, Injustice less, Classless, uniform and self reliant society.


To establish a self reliant and equal society with the value of peace, equity, Justice and homogeneity.


  • Socio-economic and political empowerment of poor particularly Rural Women through community based Organization.
  • To improve reproductive and child health status of women.
  • To minimize the socio-cultural prejudices and social evils at the community.
  • To minimize gender inequality at the society.
  • To organize and aware the rural community, strengthening community institutions and making Govt. sensitive towards the problem of Rural poor .
  • To develop entrepreneurship skill among youth and women through training and facilitate for their sustainable livelihood .
  • To organize, aware and educate the community for initiating social action.
  • To work for strengthening and responsive Local Self Governance.
  • Livelihood promotion of weaker section of the community through scientific agriculture, Income Generation Activities and Microfinance.
  • To promote environment conservation in the area.
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The working strategy of MIIT is to involve community in planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation of the program through participatory approach. The focus is to make the program need-based and community-centered.


The Organization believes that to make change permanent, we need to focus on root causes of poverty, inequity, and injustice. We therefore take a rights-based approach to development, empowering people to claim their rights. This must continue along with addressing immediate needs, like food, health care, education and awareness on social issues.

Computer & IT Training

During the Last 12 Year in review organisation has well maintain setup Computer & IT training Institute established at Musallahpur Road Patna-6 Bihar (H.O.) & also Computer Centre Branch running at Biraul Darbhanga , Pandaul Madhubani, Madhepura,Rohtas,Aurangabad,Kishanganj,Nalanda dist. For the purpose of skill development in youth Poor Students and girls a Computer & IT traning centre have been running under guidance of organization. A lot of poor background students take computer education through this computer training centre . Many students have get job under guidence of centre. Main purpose to computer training centre, to provide employment opportunity of weaker section through computer literacy. The computer Institute of the organization continued to impart training to the youths Boys and girls of Patna ,Darbhanga and Madhubani , Madhepura Dist. . During the year in review it has imparted training to the students in different Computer courses