NGO Details Running Programme

MIIT is a Non Government Organization registered under Society Registration Act XXI, 1860 Govt. of Bihar, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976, and Income Tax Exemption section 12 A , ISO certified institutions of A group of like minded young, social and rural people led the foundation of the Organization by organized effort to address the grass root community issues with special focus on rural areas. The Organization aims “To establish a self reliant and equal society with the value of peace, equity, Justice and homogeneity’’. Dalits etc belonging to lower strata of society.

The principle of work of the Organization Mithila Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) is a Voluntary Organization registered under Societies Registration Act 21,1860. Organization was formed with the Informatioon Technology personnel and cooperation of young and energetic social workers.

Mithila Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) is an unique Institution. One side it is conducting computer training and Typing training to the youths, women and students of urban and Rural area, on the other side it is implementing programmes in Patna and rural areas of Madhubani & Darbhanga districts of Bihar exclusively for the women, children, Persons with Disability, is to involve the community in every stage of the program i.e. planning implementation, evaluation, on the basis of participatory approach. It undertakes need based and community centered issues and tries to make community, local governance and government sensitive towards grass root community problems. It has believe on blending professionalism with social feeling. It emphasizes on optimum involvement on women members and apply gender policy in every program. The organization believes in development BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE .Bringing social change through community mobilization and social action is the uppermost priority of the Organization.

The major activities of the organization are Reproductive Health, education to deprived and challenged children, women empowerment, awareness on Panchayat Raj, health , hygiene and sanitation, Reproductive and child health, sensitization on adolescent reproductive health, sensitization , sensitization on environment conservation.

  • AWARENESS ON DISABILITY Rights and Educational Support :

    The Organization has provided Computer & IT education support to 100 disabled and mainstreamed them with education. In the meantime parents of disable child, community and PRI members were also aware on Disability Issues.

    With the Organization effort 20 disable children get disability certificate.

    An awareness camp was conducted at Patna ., their parents and care takers participated in the awareness camp. The participants were informed about the welfare schemes, disability certificate need for them, concessions while travelling, mobility aid, special schooling facility etc were focused in details. Besides the above the persons with disability are motivated for forming Self-help groups in order to promote savings and credit resulting independency and sustenance.. Disability certificate are provided, which help them in getting benefit of different government schemes. Community people are also made sensitive on issues through Social awareness campaign . Aids and appliances (calipers, tricycles etc.) are also provided to the Children with Disability to enable them to attend classes regularly and without seeking any support from their friends and family members. This inculcates self confidence into them and they are streamlined with the main stream of society.

  • Health and Family Welfare Programme :-

    Under this programme we have mainly covered the issues concerning Reproductive child Health in the villages of Kahua Panchayat and Bhawanipur Panchayat of Biraul Block of Darbhanga District. A camp, Seminar and meetings with women and their families were organised for informing them about the care taken during pregnancy, nutritional diet, immunization, vaccination, care to the newly borne, safe delivery or delivery by trained TBA, use of constraceptives etc. At about 100 women and their families participated in this programme.

    A training programme with Traditional Birth Attendant have been organised dated 20 Oct. 2010 at Kamalpur, Rohar Villages for safe delivery of rural areas. Fertile aged women and adolescent are unaware of reproductive health issue and prevail deep rooted myths and misconception on reproductive health issues resulting early and repeated pregnancy and lots complications particularly among female . In this light 8 training programmes on reproductive and child health issues has been conducted in the year covering more than 182 women beneficiaries. Trained staffs from Pathfinder project i.e. Anita Devi, Kiran Devi, Arbind Kumar, Puja Devi, Asha worker, Devi Ji , ANM and SHG functionaries were the resource persons in the training programs. In the training programs issues like ante natal, pre natal care during pregnancy, health check up, nutritional diet, balance diet, need for Institution delivery or delivery by trained Birth Attendants, immunization, care to newly born babies, breast feeding, use of contraceptives, spacing, abortion, marriage age, conceiving, menstrual cycle, hygiene and sanitation during menstruation etc were focused in details

  • Women legal Literacy Programme :-

    A legal awageness Camp was organised in village Biraul of Darbhanga District on 08 March 2011 on the eve of International Women Day. 150 Women, Villagers and Panchayat representative were participated in said training programme. In the camp 5 persons having through knowledge of legal provisions, women’s Movement, laws enacted to protect the right and dignity of of women and Sarpanch Mukhiya participated as Resource Person. In the camp women’s Right during search, custody, arrest, lodging of FIR, Dowry, Rape, women law of Panchayat etc. were covered in details. The Biraul P.S. incharge was also present on the occasion as chief guest while addressing the women he asserted the need of unitedly opposing the atrocities on women by them.

    Legal literacy and awareness on human rights is inevitable for rural poor as they are illiterate and lacking exposure . They are often victimized, their rights encroached, violated and humiliated in the absence of awareness. Hence , conducted 02 training programs on provisions of laws, human rights etc in Biraul Block of Darbhanga district of Bihar. About 173 women participants including Self Help Group Members, Women PRI Members etc. participated in the training programs. In the training program issues like arrest warrant, right in custody, FIR lodging process, period of detention, laws made to curb the women violence, atrocities, State Women Commission, National Women commission etc were focused in details.

  • Environment Awareness Training Programme

    In the prevailing condition of Global warming and climatic change, the environment has become the issue of global concern. Community as a whole has to take responsibility of keeping the environment pollution free . It needs mass mobilization at community level. The Organization has shared responsibility and trained the rural populace on environment through different activities i.e. nukkar natak, gosthi, village meeting, rally , postering etc. at Pandaul. In this light also a meeting was organized in the campus of Durga Printing Press , Brahmotra,Pandaul , participated by about 162 men, women and school children. Issues like eco imbalances, global warming, climatic change, water the scarce sources, its conservation and judicious use, plantation of trees in large number were focused. Organization prepared IEC materials concerning environmental topics and distributed amongst the participants and villages of Pandaul block of Madhubani district.

    Achievement: Awareness level of 162 villagers including men, women and children in regard to environment improved.

  • Awareness on Right to Information and MNREGA Programme :-

    Rural community people are sensitized on Right to Information at Patel Colony , Patna and Biraul, Darbhanga as due to lack of information poor can’t avail their rights and opportunity form different govt. schemes and programs. The program focus on sensitizing poor and downtrodden section of the community as they are the main sufferers. They were informed on different aspects of RTI .

    Achievement: 126 rural poor are sensitized to RTI and MNREGA.

  • Human Rights awareness Programme :-

    One day duration Awareness camp was organised in village Sagarpur, Bhawanipur of Pandaul Block on 11 .11. 2010. The purpose for conducting this camp was to inform and aware the people of Sagarpur about the Human Rights, action taken in case of its violation and different State/National level agencies constituted for safe guarding the people in case of violation of their Human Rights.In the camp 84 People from the villages of Pandaul Panchayat participated which included 60 women. Two Senior Jilaparisad available locally participated as Resource Person in said camp.

  • School Quiz & Competition

    Organized a game and quiz competition at Pandaul,Madhubani for the Dalit and Child Labour children. The main purpose of this programme was to inculcate self confidence, feeling of main streaming and enticing attention of the child labour parents towards education. 112 children from Dalit community of Madhubani district, Bihar participated in the program. The successful winners were given the prizes like wall clock, books, pen, trophy, medals for encouraging and promoting their participation.

  • Wall Writing :-

    Wall Writings was done at 60 points in the villages of Dumari Panchayat of Biraul Block of Darbhanga and Pandaul Block of Madhubani District on the important issues. Through this wall writings attention of villagers were enticed towards literacy, womens Empowerment, female feticides , Panchayati raj and Anti Poverty Govt. Programme etc.

  • Computer Software,Hardware & IT Training :-

    During the Last 12 Year in review organisation has well maintain setup Computer & IT training Institute established at Musallahpur Road Patna-6 Bihar (H.O.) & also Computer Centre Branch running at Biraul Darbhanga , Pandaul Madhubani, Madhepura,Rohtas,Aurangabad,Kishanganj,Nalanda dist. For the purpose of skill development in youth Poor Students and girls a Computer & IT traning centre have been running under guidance of organization. A lot of poor background students take computer education through this computer training centre . Many students have get job under guidence of centre. Main purpose to computer training centre, to provide employment opportunity of weaker section through computer literacy. The computer Institute of the organization continued to impart training to the youths Boys and girls of Patna ,Darbhanga and Madhubani , Madhepura Dist. . During the year in review it has imparted training to the students in different Computer courses

    The details are given as here under:-

    # Name of courses(Software/Hardware) No. of Trainees Duration
    Boys Girls
    1 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    2 Diploma in D.T.P. 15 10 6-Months
    3 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    4 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    5 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    6 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    7 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    8 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    9 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months
    10 Diploma in Computer Application 70 51 6-Months

    During the year Organisation has Computer Training Institute at Head Office J.M. Market Musallahpur Patna-6 for imparting training to students and educated youths in different useful computer courses.

    This has been done with the purpose to offer job opportunities to unemployed youths after successful training courses.Mr.Surendra Jha (Secretary) Miss.Kabita Bose a Director & Mrs. Bibejta Jha (Centre Manager) of MIIT Computer Centre and also Teach, looks after different Computer IT Training courses package.

    Organisation has setup Computer & Typing Institute at Musallahpur, Mahendru Bazar samiti Patna ,Biraul Darbhanga,Pandaul Madhubani for ipmarting Computer training to students youths in Hindi,English typing .